More on Pope Benedict XVI.

Toyblog talks about Popewashing:
Ratzinger came increasingly to see these and associated developments (decreasing respect for authority among his students, the rise of the German gay rights movement) as related to a departure from traditional Catholic teachings. Increasingly, he turned away from the theologically liberal thinking of his early career to the more traditional elements of his Bavarian Catholic upbringing. In 1969 he returned to Bavaria, to the University of Regensburg.

So he was a liberal, in that he didn't want to be a Nazi, but participated unenthusiastically. Of course, he was not a member of the white rose society, just a follower in his own (Hitler Youth). Then he was a chair at a known dogmatic university. There he observed the beginnings of German gay rights, thus began to cling to the more conservative views of his religion. Ideas, I presume, he didn't have when he became chair at a known dogmatic university?
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