Commentathon for Breast Cancer

Rae of A Likely Story sent me this:
Greg Hammond of California Hammonds is holding a commentathon in memory of his wife, Cheryl, who died of breast cancer one year ago tomorrow. Do you think it can be posted on Blogs by Women - with a link or something? All people have to do is comment once, sponsors have committed to donating money for a certain amount of comments with the goal being $10,000 being donated to getting low-income women the mammograms that they need. Greg has prizes that will be randomly given away, too (like an iPod Shuffle, an iPod mini, and several other things like iTunes gift certificates once an hour, up to ten. The site had the information).

Sure thing, Rae!

If you want to participate, you have to hurry. The Commentathon ends at midnight on April 1. I'll crosspost this at SistersTalk, too, to cover more ground.

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Why Are Women Conservatives?

My Meandering Thoughts discusses women and conservatism:
I always wonder how women can be conservative? Because we are the first one to be affected, punished, penalized,..., you mention it, whenever a society become conservative. More conservative a society is/was, more liberties of women are/were curtailed. But, after reading part of that Coulter's speech, I think I should stop wondering:

It can be documented that government grows in response to women being given the vote. Women see the government as their husband, as they divorce more, women look to the government to take care of them. The more sexually licentious the society, the more the women look to the government to protect them. Because liberals are women, they're hysterical, they hide in the background, they won't step forward and speak.

I'm wondering how one would KNOW a woman is hysterical if the woman is hiding, won't step forward, and won't speak. Coulter's work has always been full of inconsistencies.

Anyway, go read My Meandering Thoughts.

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Women on Condi Rice

HawkMistress goes though a list of comments made by Condi Rice.

The Secret Life of Shoes takes a more humorous approach.

Sundries gives Condi props for being a powerful woman, but thumbs down on her fashion sense.

On the Women's Issues blog the writer says:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday that she is "mildly pro-choice" and "kind of libertarian" on abortion. Rice said abortion should be "as rare a circumstance as possible," although without excessive government intervention. She supports parental notification and the ban on late-term abortions. There is speculation of her running for President in 2008, and she is leaving the door open.

Red Betty Black has a great transcript you have to read.

Lady Lou briefy discusses Condi (and Terri Schiavo).

The Cowardly Lioness has a brief item on Condi but the page is cut off, so I'm not sure what the post is about. What I can read seems interesting though.

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Supreme Court Hears File-Sharing Case

Cynthia L. Webb has an excellent analysis of the latest Supreme Court case on peer-to-peer file sharing:
The case could have major implications for peer-to-peer technology, copyright holders and file-sharing practices that spread far beyond just the two companies targeted in the case, StreamCast Networks Inc. and Grokster Ltd. The court's ruling could also have a sweeping impact on how consumers listen to and watch digital media products. For the recording industry, it's the latest stop on the fast train ride it has been taking to blast file-swapping companies and to try to stop digital piracy in its tracks. File-sharing supporters, however, say they aren't liable for any illegal trades of copyrighted songs and movies by users of their software and worry that technology innovation will be stifled by a ruling against the networks and continued legal volleys by Hollywood.

The case "is the culmination of five years of legal battles against the peer-to-peer networks that entertainment companies believe are undermining the viability of copyrights," CNET's declared. "Two federal courts have already ruled in favor of the file-swapping companies, saying that the software should be compared to a photocopying machine or a VCR -- that it has enough legal uses to protect the file-swapping companies. Record labels and movie studios dispute that idea, saying that Grokster and StreamCast, the parent of the Morpheus service, have deliberately built their business on the existence of widespread copyright infringement. They're asking the Supreme Court to rule that any company whose business is predominantly supported by piracy should be liable for that infringement."

But despite what the Supreme Court decides, the case will be far from over, with Congress and state lawmakers expected to continue to weigh in on the issue well into the future. Meantime, a number of rock stars and other notable musicians are latching onto the case to fight against illegal downloads of their music, while some independent musicians and smaller-scale performers often depend on the "viral marketing" they get from free music downloads of their work.

Head on over and read the rest of the the entry, categorized by the following subtitles:

  • The Case for Innovation

  • Why It's Not Like Napster

  • The Peanut Gallery Weighs In

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    14 Year Old Leaves School to Have Abortion

    Karin Kydland writes about these troubled times:
    The world we live in is in dire need of help. We have an adult woman being starved to death and a fourteen year old illegally checked out of school for an abortion with parental consent for neither. Has anyone thought of charging the father of this now deceased child with statutory rape? Is he old enough to have committed this?

    If schools are going to break the rules about just who can sign children out (and 14 year olds are technically children because they're underage) what is going to happen? What if these people had been murderers, rapists, kidnappers, slavers (yes, there is white slavery in existence) or other nefarious types? Would the reaction of the media be the same? I'll bet if it were that situation the very same people who think it's okay that this girl was whisked off for an abortion would be singing a different tune.

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    New Categories in Directory

    We've just added 3 new categories to the Blogs by Women directory:

  • Feminists and Feminism (category currently empty, let's change that)

  • Lesbian/Bisexual/Queer (used to be Gay & Lesbian)

  • Gender Theory & Transgender Issues

  • Don't forget to visit the directory and vote on your weekly favorite. So far, A Likely Story is doing well. I've had the opportunity to talk with ALS's writer, Rae. She's quite the feisty one. We don't agree on too many things, but there's something about that writer I like.


    Weekly Favorites at BlogsbyWomen

    I've just started the Weekly Favorites here at BbW. Every Saturday night/Sunday morning, I will post a list of nominees at the top of the directory. These nominees are pulled from the directory listing and visitors vote for their weekly favorite in a particular category. We've started with the Personal category and will rotate categories weekly. This week's nominees are:

    A Likely Story
    BourbonBird Perched
    Ducking for Apples
    Greenberry House Days and Dreams
    Milk money or Not, Here I Come
    Neuro's Blog

    Winners are linked at the top of the directory above the logo for one week, until the following week's winner is chosen.

    Please view the blogs and vote. You may vote once every 24 hours. Next week we will vote for your favorite in the Political category so get those nominations in. You must choose from those listed in the BbW directory. If your favorite isn't there, list it!

    GOP Memo Hoax Re: Terri Schiavo

    La Shawn Barber writes on the supposed GOP Memo Hoax regarding Terri Schiavo:
    In a memo distributed only to Republican senators, the Schiavo case was characterized as “a great political issue” that could pay dividends with Christian conservatives, whose support is essential in midterm elections such as those coming up in 2006.

    Schiavo, 41, spent a full day off of nourishment and fluids yesterday at a hospice in the Gulf Coast suburb of Pinellas Park, Fla. Her feeding tube was removed Friday afternoon after a state judge ignored subpoenas from Congress and enforced a deadline that lawmakers had thought they could thwart by declaring her a witness who must be protected for a future hearing they would conduct at her bedside. Late Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court, without comment, denied an emergency request from the House committee that had issued the subpoenas.

    Update: the memo is NOT a hoax. Sorry Ms. Barber.

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    Air Force Refuses to Prosecute Sexual Harassment

    Blog Sisters talks about the Air Force and Sexual Harassment:
    As it turns out, this is my first post here. I don't know if it's against the rules, but I've cross-posted this because it makes me so f---ing angry!

    Women are on the front lines with the men. Women are dying in combat with the men. Women are placing their duty to their country over their duty to their families, as are the men.

    And yet the Air Force continues to ignore the sexual assault happening within their own ranks.

    Go read more.

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    Suicide Risk and Parent/Child IQ

    Be the Best You Can Be has an item on Suicide Risk and Parent/Child IQ Discrepancy:
    The Boston Globe summarizes a British Medical Journal review article on suicide risk for men. This is a well written newspaper article; actually, it reads more like a review in a medical journal:
    ... Men with low IQ scores and only a primary education were no more likely to kill themselves than men with high IQ scores and a higher level of education. But men with low IQ scores and higher education were at a greater risk of suicide. And men with low IQ scores and highly educated parents were at the highest risk of all...

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    Terri Schiavo and Domestic Violence

    MaxedOutMama has an entry on the Terri Schiavo case and what appears to be domestic violence:
    The circumstances surrounding her initial anoxic episode and subsequent neurological status are consistent with a victim who has been strangled.

    A "heart attack" precipitated by severe metabolic disease secondary to an eating disorder is inconsistent.

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    Is it Because Terri's a Girl

    Alas, a Blog* has an interesting conversation going on about Terri Schiavo:

    Is It Because Terri's a Girl?
    Interesting point from The St. Petersburg Times:

    Three right-to-die cases have stirred the most controversy over the last 30 years: Karen Ann Quinlan, Nancy Cruzan and Terri Schiavo.

    Is it a coincidence that all three are women who were under the age of 30 when they slipped into vegetative states?

    One bioethicist doesn't think it is.

    Though the families of many vegetative patients - male and female - have faced life-or-death decisions over the years, the plights of injured young women are more likely to engage the public and attract right-to-life advocates, says Steven Miles, a professor for the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota.

    **The subject matter is appropriate for this blog. **

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    Just a Bump in the Beltway

    Just a Bump in the Beltway has two items of interest:

    Health in the Body Politic and Why Schiavo's Parents Didn't Have a Case.

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    Blogs by Women is NOT Erotica

    It's unfortunate that I have to school the ignorant on such a simple issue, but I must.

    The Blogs by Women blog header is art. It is not meant to be construed as a pornographic image, although I would consider many pornographic images very artistic. For those people who have decided to ban the Blogs by Women blog from various directories because of the header -- SHAME ON YOU! Your ignorance is pathetic - especially because it's obvious you didn't bother to READ the blog.

    Whimsical Mystic, Martha's Musings, and Helen Jane

    Whimsical Mystic, Martha's Musings, and Helen Jane were all referred by Romy.


    Yankee Pride

    Found at Yankee Pride
    Back in 1972, near the end of Vietnam, out of 192 countries existing on this planet, 44 were considered free or some form of democracy. Since then, 45 more countries have seen the torch of liberty lit in their land. ....they've gained political rights and civil liberities and another 32 are partially free, for a grand total of 123 countries, who have embraced the American ideal and dream of freedom. And we, America, are at the forefront of this freedom spreading.

    The blog hasn't been updated since January, but I found that piece interesting. Don't forget to view her . . . Jackass Awards. Also quite . . . interesting.

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    ArtsyFartsy, Do or Don't, and Dreams of a River Selkie

    Three new referrals:

    ArtsyFartsy, Do or Don't, and dreams of a river selkie were all referred by Romy.

    Don't forget the referral contest ends on April 1. Win a blog ad here on the BlogsbyWomen blog for 3 months!

    Brutal Women, BurningBird

    Brutal Women writes on women in Sci Fi.

    BurningBird talks about Google banning and . . . "Where are the Women Bloggers?"

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    Premarital Sex

    ChurchGal writes about premarital sex:
    apparently there are quite a few scriptures going on about how frolicking is bad. why it's bad, we don't know, but it is. we're just supposed to take it as is. it's bad. put your leg back down, button up. it's bad.

    but it's pissing me off because it strikes me as awfully arbitrary. awfully. almost like that tree of life thing.

    so help me out here, people. all those really smart theology students out there. lay it on me. really. why can't we frolic? (and the less patronizing, the better, please.)

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    It's My Country, Too

    Found at It's My Country, Too (IMCT):
    First up, and always on everybody's weblog, the tittilating tale of Terri Schiavo. Terri's body is on the auction block, and up for grabs. Who will pony up the moral currency to get to her first? Well, if little Brandi Swindell, 28, of the great Midwest has anything to say about it, it'll be chalk one up for the forces of righteousness. Sez the NYTimes:

    "(Ms. Swindell), who said she traveled from the Midwest to spend the next few days staging a hunger strike in support of Ms. Schiavo's parents, said she would not mind being arrested in an attempt to come to Ms. Schiavo's aid.
    "I think this is a grave human rights violation," Ms. Swindell said, "and I can't just sit by."

    So one must therefore assume that Ms. Swindell was in the forefront of the movement to block Bush from waging an illegal and un-necessary war on Iraq, and that she was also among the citizens petitioning her government for relief for the Guantanamo detainees, and is still recovering from her last hunger strike during the US refusal to intervene in Darfur, and iseven as we speak making her fellow citizens aware of the horrors being continued in the heart of the eastern Congo. Eh?

    Read more of IMCT. Tell her BbW sent ya!

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    Referral Update March 22

    Updated 10:30pm

    BbW Referral Contest Update

    So far, we have one two referrals: Patricia and Miss Bliss inform me they were referred by Romy.

    Remember, the referral contest ends on April 1, 2005!

    Dangerous Toys

    Pratie Place has an item on Dangerous Toys:

    Fisher Price people were Melina's favorites when she was tiny. I remember one rainy afternoon on vacation she set up scores of them on every available shelf and surface out on the porch and played not-particularly-benevolent dictator.

    Nowadays you can't buy them, because little kids can choke on them. There are stupid fat ones now (see right), but it's not the same. Oh well, I suppose Sim City is an adequate substitute.

    The "dangerous toys" site reminded me of two other dangerous toys I loved.

    One from my own childhood is the game "Booby-Trap." Small eatable poisonous choke-inducing wooden pucks are packed into a frame and a spring-loaded bar rams them into a tight space.

    Read the rest and view the picures that will make you remember your childhood.

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    Ayn Clouter

    A must-read. Who says women don't know how to laugh?

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    Referral Contest

    Sent in today's update notice to BbW members:

    The BbW member who refers the most users between now and April 1, 2005
    will receive a FREE ad on the BbW blog for 3 months. That's right.

    All you have to do is encourage users to add their blog to the
    directory. Have your referrals email me (geniastevens[at]gmail[dot]com) and include a link to your blog as the referrer. I will keep a running tally of all referrals and post a running update on the BbW blog every day until the contest ends.

    Good luck!

    She Wrote This!

    What kids do when they don't want to eat their packed lunch, but instead buy junk from the vending machine. Read Sneaky Bastids at She Wrote This!

    Working from Home?

    Freelance Mom has a very resourceful blog -- just for you. One of the posts I found interesting was Cereal Mom:
    I recently heard a woman say that being called a "work at home mom" was professionally demeaning. Being one myself, my initial reaction was to agree with her. "That’s right, I’m a professional, I’m not just a bored housewife dabbling with a hobby here," I said to myself.

    Upon reflection however, I came to realize that I disagree. Deeply.

    I think I'll take this subject up on SistersTalk.

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    Blog Exchanges and Social Security

    The Shattered Prayer has a great review of Blog Exchanges and blog directories. I can't do a copy of her text, so you'll have to visit her blog to read the review.

    Media Girl has commentary on Social Security and minorities.

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    Right As Usual

    Found at Right as Usual:
    I found part of a statement from Michael Schiavo on Becki Snow's site. He was talking to ABC's Nightline, and commented:
    Terry will not be starved to death. Her nutrition and hydration will be taken away. This happens across this country every day.

    Death through removing somebody's nutrition is very painless. That has been brought to the courts many of times. Doctors have come in and testified. It is a very painless procedure.

    Well, let's see just how painless this process is:

    From PBS - The Good War, the diary of a volunteer in a starvation experiment (at least he had the option to volunteer):

    My pervasive hunger.
    My hunger has taken on new dimensions that I could never have imagined. It seems that my bones, my muscles, my stomach and my mind have united in their yearning for FOOD! How disgusting.

    Looking for something fun? Check Suburban Lesbian:

    The Official Interview Game Rules

    *If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
    *I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
    *You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
    *You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
    *When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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    Sexual Assault in the Military

    I've posted an item Sexual Assault in the Military on my blog SistersTalk:
    A recent survey shows that 1 in 7 females who join the nation's military academies suffer some kind of sexual harassment or sexual assault. Perhaps it's time the pro-war conservatives start paying better attention to those who fight those wars. I thought the military's problems with sexual harassment were pretty-well handled after the military was embarrassed world wide by the Tailhook Scandal of 1991. I guess not.

    Send your BbW submissions to:

    Technorati Tag: politics; us military; sexual abuse

    Love Art?

    If you love art, keep up with all the latest art news at ArtByUs. Conni Togel is keeping a pretty good blog of updates. I've had the pleasure of talking with Conni before I sold my old business to a new gal. Good folks! Take a look.

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    Terri Schiavo Update

    More on Terri Schiavo:

    House to Issue Subpoenas to Keep Terri Schiavo Alive

    Florida, congressional efforts to keep Terri Schiavo alive hit roadblocks

    Technorati Tag: politics; religion

    Seeking Blogs by Women Team Members

    The Blogs by Women (BbW) project is going well, with 91 blogs listed in the directory since inception on March 8, 2005. We ask that all those listed in the directory add a link to Blogs by Women's main page on their blog. It would really help us continue to grow.

    TheNewJane (BbW's sister site)is doing well also, with over 240 members. jane was launched last month as the final result of my graduate school research. Please check it out.

    Featuring your blog on the BbW blog:

    If you've written something you want mentioned on the BbW blog, please send an email to: blogsbywomen[at]gmail[dot]com or geniastevens[at]gmail[dot]com

    Diverse Representation, Call for Team Members:

    In order to provide a rather diverse representation here on the BbW blog, I'm seeking team members. If you'd like to become a BbW Team Member and help gather great information for the BbW blog, send an email to either of the addresses above. My politics and lifestyle tend to steer me to certain types of blogs. I will need at least 1 other person who is different from myself who can provide representation from the other side.


    Prozac & Satan

    Pre-Baby Body: Read her journal detailing her weight loss management after having a baby.

    And a must-read: Prozac is Satan's Way of Saying "I Love You"

    Technorati Tags: mental health; weight loss

    Culture and Pontifications

    In Nichelle's Newsletter: Does Race Matter When you Blog?

    Also check out Culture Kitchen.

    Pennys Pontifications: a blog detailing the intricasies of the daily struggle to go to school, raise a child, work and live as a successful example with a close relationship to child, friends, family and God.

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    Finding Jesus

    I love the name of this blog: It's Easy to Find Jesus When You Run Out of Cocaine:
    I have a theory about conservatives and their homosexual children. It's Darwin's theory actually, called natural selection. God's way of getting rid of the close-minded Fox News watching religious right conservative gene, and general intolerance in our society.

    Check out more of Carliss.

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    Have You Been Dooced?

    Dooce fared well with this year's Bloggie Awards, winning several categories -- Best Writing of a Weblog and Most Humorous Weblog being two of the categories.

    Congrats to one of the fine women of blogging!

    Hitler Tested the A Bomb

    Found at Noumenal Net:

    A German historian has claimed in a new book presented on Monday that Nazi scientists successfully tested a tactical nuclear weapon in the last months of World War II.

    Rainer Karlsch said that new research in Soviet and also Western archives, along with measurements carried out at one of the test sites, provided evidence for the existence of the weapon.

    Technorati Tags: politics; history

    I Can Be Gayer Than You

    So says tokitikki:

    Is a gay sea sponge talking to your kids?

    Can a sea sponge even BE gay?

    THIS. THIS was on NBC national news. That was the teaser, those two lines.

    At the very moment that phrase flashed across my television screen, I was sitting down to a very nice dinner with my grandparents. A very nice dinner of filet and homefries, during which both of the grand'rents were sedately speaking about nonsense that had happened during the day.

    When I read those words and saw the cutesy little clip of SpongeBob Squarepants that followed it, I emitted a loud groan and calmly threw my fork across the room. To say I was a bit irritated is like saying the Empire State building is "kind of big". I could barely speak, my mind just slammed to a screeching halt. I need a moment to wrap my brain around this one. It seems I don't watch the news very often, because this is news to me, but it has been kicked around for at least a little while now, as I see from running a google search.

    Are you flipping kidding me? Is SpongeBob Squarepants GAY? Is he encouraging your kids to be GAY? Are you some kind of HIGH?

    Is that a trick question?

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    Women Bloggers: Picks for 03/15/05

    Janet for Fairfax : Join Janet Oleszek live on the campaign trail as she runs for the House of Delegates in Virginia's 37th House District (Fairfax City and surrounding precincts). The first candidate-blog by a Virginia state house candidate!

    e-claire: A mother blogs her child's development

    The Good Girl Dialogues: writing on education, pain, books, music, the world, and more.

    Milenka's Place: Milenka, 25, homemaker, blogging since 2001. Married to Lucas for 5 years. Underwent gastric bypass surgery on 11.8.04 due to Obesity . . .

    Technorati Tag: women bloggers

    Women Bloggers: Picks for Today

    Thoughts and Musings: a personal journal written by "a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, pagan witch and a lesbian. Roughly in that order."

    Road to Pregnancy: 25 year old female, married 3 years, happy, friendly, animal lover, Christian who believes you can still have fun and love God

    WonderBranding: Marketing to Women

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    Comics by girls at Girlamatic. Don't forget to view the accompanying blog. Very nice work on this site.

    Technorati Tag: art

    Tomboy vs. Sporty Girl

    A Likely Story writes about tomboy vs. sporty girl.

    Technorati Tag: women bloggers

    Got Fruit?

    OrangePulp is simply delicious.

    Technorati Tag: women bloggers

    Think Red in Illinois

    Never to be Forgotten posts a letter from RenewIllinois, an organization that was once designed "to screen and help elect ethical candidates who will support a state platform for a robust, growing economy and honest government in Illinois." Now, the organization is heading in this direction:

    The Land of Lincoln and Reagan remained solidly "blue" for Kerry in 2004. The tide must turn - Illinois Republicans must start THINKING RED.

    We may all live in a "blue" state, but that's all the more reason why we should THINK RED.

    THINK RED is an obvious reference to what has become one of the most talked about ideas in politics today, the Red State vs. Blue State divide.

    THINK RED leverages this well understood concept to emphasize the need to become a red state - one that can win for a real Republican like George W. Bush.

    Technorati Tag: politics


    Ducking for Apples

    One of the more popular blogs in the Jane Network is ducking for apples. Ducking for apples is also listed in Blogs by Women. Take a look.

    Defense of Marriage Act

    Julia Goldberg discusses The Defense of Marriage Act:
    I'm not saying public officials should get a free pass if they screw up. They shouldn't and, lots of times, they don't. But I would like to print the Santa Fe Senator's testimony during the Defense of Marriage Act hearing and say that if I had a choice between a senator who says what he said but lied to the cops after he tipped his car and a senator who never had a car accident and freaked out but supports bills like the DOMA, I'm gonna take the first.

    Technorati Tags: politics; DOMA; gay lesbian rights

    Banner Women: Old School

    Found at Banner Women

    Because this is an advertising network, not all types of content are appropriate for this platform. We are unable to accept sites that have sexual content (or links to sexual content), controversial issues (such as pro-life/pro-choice topics), sexuality content (such as lesbian content or sexual education), anti-men or other potentially offensive topics or any content which may be deemed to be inappropriate for an advertising network. We are not saying these topics have no place online or are less valid as websites, they are just not appropriate for this particular advertising program.

    That's definitely an old school approach to targeting women. Women are so diverse and the websites and blogs women produce are extremely diverse. We're not just writing on parenting, gardening, home, and husbands. If you check the blogs in the BbW directory you'll see the representation of diversity in the 35 blogs listed since we launched on March 8, 2005.

    On a personal note, I think it's ridiculous to exclude content on sexuality and offensive to exclude those who have lesbian-related content.


    Spit Noodle & Joey

    She's just . . . curious. I found this image there:

    Loved it!

    Watermark Shares a Bit of Interesting Reading

    A few of the Watermark's Interesting Reading for today:

  • 10 Things I Have Learned, Milton Glaser

  • today as yesterday revisited, Chief Blogging Officer

  • The importance of feminism to liberalism, Mouse Words

  • Squid? Or Octopus?, alphabitch

  • Creating a Post-Civilization Culture, How To Save The World

  • The Religious Left, Salon

    Technorati Tag: feminism
  • Survey Examines Relationship Between Healthcare Costs and Lesbian Health

    Survey Examines Relationship Between Healthcare Costs and Lesbian Health:

    When Melissa Etheridge appeared bald at the Grammys, lesbian health advocates raved about how Melissa managed to connect the words "lesbian" and "cancer" in mainstream media. It was suggested that Melissa Etheridge accomplished something that lesbian health advocates had been trying to do for years. It was my opinion that Melissa was able to reach so many women because her actions crossed socio-economic boundaries -- something lesbian health advocates haven't quite figured out how to do. It's always been my opinion that lesbian activism is very much restricted to academia and upper-middle class to upper class women. One reader, a self-identified Mautner volunteer, was insulted by my opinion. She suggested I was ill-informed.

    Am I?

    by SistersTalk

    Technorati Tags: women; breast cancer; lesbian health


    Moving Along

    BlogsbyWomen is growing. Take a look at the directory and see who's listed. A few of the latest additions to the directory:

    Jerusalem Syndrome The personal blog of a professional feminist writer turned rabbi-in-training.

    The Shattered Prayer The personal online journal of a writer, witch, and cartomancer.

    Blogging Blog A Blog About BloggingLearning By Doing

    Keep an eye on BlogsbyWomen for site enhancements. We have several developments in the works. Thanks for joining us!


    Pinko Feminist Hellcat: On Absent White Fathers and Women Bloggers

    Pinko Feminist Hellcat has several interesting posts (as usual), but here are a few worth taking a look at:

    Absent White Fathers

    Because these bloggers are women, they are just figments of your imagination.

    Technorati Tags: politics; women bloggers; feminism Launched

    Blogs by Women has official launched. BbW is a free directory of blogs written by women. BbW's goal is to increase visibility of women bloggers in the blogosphere, bringing to the forefront issues that women find important: family, parenting, politics, music, art, sex, news, current events, religion, and more.

    Add your blog to the directory and check back often! Send admin any interesting blog items you want to see linked here at the BbW blog.

    And, don't forget to join the new jane -- a free advertising exchange for women bloggers -- if you haven't already.