Terri Schiavo TV Movie

Brilliant at Breakfast has two interesting posts:

So You Can Enjoy It All Over Again
CBS is rushing a Terri Schiavo TV movie into production so that it can air the biopic during the May ratings sweeps.

There is no word on whether the network has secured the cooperation of either the Schindler family, Terri's parents and siblings, or Michael Schiavo, her estranged husband.

Vision America's mission is "...to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, states, and our nation."

Judeo- my ass. This is about setting up a particular flavor of evangelical Christianity as the National Religion -- mandatory for everyone. And any Jew or Roman Catholic who allies with these guys thinking they won't be rounded up when the time comes is delusional.

The organization's core values extend almost solely to sexual issues and their right to force their religion down our throats.

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