Firefox Users Getting Redirected on Blogger?

If you are a Firefox user and you can see this post, please let me know. I can't seem to get to this blog using the Firefox browser. I get redirected to Blogger's login page. If others are having the same problem, let me know. Thanks!

April 23, 2005

Firefox is working fine for me again. Thanks to those who responded:

Alana, who also had a bit of trouble getting redirected to Blogger's main page, but can now get back to BbW using Firefox just fine.

Planet Moron who surfed in from Blog Clicker (send me your referral code if you happen to stop back by).

Sunnye Tiedemann who's enjoying reading all about what the women bloggers are doing. Stop by and say hello.

And Audrey, from Orange Pulp, who's been one of the Editor's Picks on the main page.

Thanks again everyone!

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