Interesting New Additions to Directory

I thought I would introduce a few of the newest (and interesting) additions to the BbW directory. Thanks to everyone who's helped us go from ZERO to 248 blogs since we launched on March 8, 2005! Remember, if you have 1 blog or 10 blogs, you can list all of them -- absolutely free.

Mardi Gras Lady: Learn about Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. I never knew they had that kind of fun in Alabama. Apparently they do.

Chalk Dust: If you love art you'll love this blog (or you'll be green with envy).

LightUpTheDarkness: Two former Kerry campaign workers write this blog. That alone should make it interesting.

Testing Depression: A very honest look at depression, hospitalization, and medication.

Co-Dependent by choice is addicted to Google ads and apparently likes clicking them.

iddybudd: Interesting because there's so much interesting stuff on her blog.

Quick reminder: if I owe anyone free credits at TheNewJane, send me an email to remind me.

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