Women on John Bolton's Nomination

  • Liberal Thoughts says:
    I've made my decision. I will vigorously oppose the nomination of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

    Have you ever noticed that in the Bush Administration, the only way to get a job promotion is to bungle our national security? As under secretary of state for arms control and international security for the past four years, Mr. Bolton has achieved little. In fact, we secured more nuclear materials in the two years before September 11th than in the two years after. North Korea and Iran are now burgeoning nuclear states. This record earned John Bolton a nomination to the UN?
  • Michelle Malkin does a roundup:
    Jim Geraghty at TKS has global reaction to U.N. ambassor nominee John Bolton (North Korea calls him "human scum"). Eric Pfeiffer at Beltway Buzz has more. National Review's endorsement is here.

    John Hinderaker at the freshly redesigned Power Line reacts to Code Pink protesters who disrupted Bolton's nomination hearing: "Whose side are they on?"

    Betsy Newmark notices Sen. Joe Biden's telling Freudian slip.

    Will Franklin reports: Democrats going nuts over Bolton
  • Sue's Place reminds us that Bolton once said there is no such thing as the United Nations.

  • Betsy's Page presents some insight on Barbara Boxer's opinion of John Bolton. She says
    I love Jay Nordlinger's riposte to Barbara Boxer's whining that John Bolton is no friend of the UN.

    And here's Sen. Barbara Boxer, on John Bolton, Bush's nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations: "He's been very contemptuous of the U.N." Well, no sh**, senator. And you haven't?

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