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Nancy White of Full Circle Online Interaction Blog writes on Community Ownership of Radio in India :
There are some interesting bits in this article and I want to learn more (one web press story does not the full story tell!) First is the catalyst - the tsunami. The role of catalysts in change is incredible. From an activist perspective, what kinds of positive human catalysts can we deploy to stimulate change?

Second is the cost issue. Lowering the license fee and allowing outside funding is part of the control, or loosening of control. When I read this, I thought about the work Jock Gill is proposing around women in rich countries funding their sisters in the 2/3rds world through direct, personal microfinance. Would funding a radio station be a good investment?

Third is the provision for advertising. I'm no fan of radio ads, but I'm a big fan of finding mechanisms for sustainability and local ownership. External capital can start something, but it can't sustain it.

And on How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community:

How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community
Search the web and you will find dozens and dozens of discussions on the definition and existence of online communities. In 1999 I collected a few that struck me as thoughtful and useful. A recent thread on Corante's Many2Many group blog prompted me to update this article. (Read the comments to the blog post -- that's where it gets interesting.) I've interspersed the old with the new.

Cliff Figallo, in his book Hosting Web Communities, described a set of attributes captured the essence of "connection" as manifest in community in terms of relationships. He uses words like "feeling part of a larger social whole," "web of relationships," "an exchange...of commonly valued things," and "relationships...that last through time creating shared histories." (p.15)

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