Bonnie Yarbrough on Deconstructing DeLay

Bonnie Yarbrough, the only female featured blogger at Political Strategy, writes:
Friday is Tom DeLay's birthday, so perhaps yesterday's headlines are merely early salutations. Hmmm, or maybe not so much.

His hubris is truly something to watch alone while pre-medicated, but the fallout from his most recent public travesties is rapidly becoming a team sport. And Republicans, Texans, the home district, and colleagues are piling on.

According to several major print media sources yesterday, the conservative movement seems to be on the wane, and guess who is leading the descent? Literally stealing the spotlight away from Denny, Dubya, and Rick, the face of the Party (through his own badly timed exploits and well-constructed campaigns by several groups) is now also widely recognized as the Poster boy for unethical, greedy, and hypocritical behavior

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