Women Discussing the Minuteman Project

Sharon Raphael of Left Turn on Rights says:
Right Wing extremism has taken over all the main stations now and there is no place except for public radio and KCET and the like to go anymore for relief from this mass racial and ethnic hysteria that permeates the news now. Lou Dobbs support the Minute Men Project, a group of independent militia suppposedly guarding the borders against the wishes of the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). The arrogance and lack of understanding on this show about the economic forces has already been pointed out by many of the experts on immigration who come on the show and point out the consequences that would befall us if all these undocumented workers should go away all at once much of our agricultural industry would collapse and many of the other services we take for granted would come to end too.
Sherri says the Minuteman participants are religious zealots:
This seems more like a neighborhood watch, on a much larger scale. I have to disagree with the term vigilantes. One only needs to refer to the words of George Felos to see this is not true. I mean, HOW DARE THEY! Food and water? Do they not know how BEAUTIFUL AND PEACEFUL it is to be thirsty and hungry. It's NATURAL! Ask Terri I mean Felos... I mean have you heard about what is like to live in Mexico? Who would "want to live that way?"

Case and point:

These citizen patrollers are setting up camp at a BIBLE COLLEGE, and giving people food and water. It's very clear. These are NOT vigilantes. They are RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS!
Gayla says if she had time she would be a Minutewoman.

Uptown Girl says that even though she voted for Bush she disagrees with him; she doesn't feel the Minuteman volunteers are vigilantes.

And me? I said don't impress me by using guns to chase down women and children. Find Bin Laden. Be a REAL hero.

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