Taxation Without Representation

Witchtrivets writes:
So, mrs. witchtrivets and I did our taxes this evening. To digress just a bit, yes we had to do them separately even though she was my legal dependent last year, because the crimes against nature (CAN aka s0d0my) laws are still on the books here in NC despite the US Supreme Court ruling them illegal, and therefore she cannot legally be my dependent because our relationship violates state laws. We could probably try to get away with it, but I would rather not have the 1RS all over me. Same as vampires -- you don't want to invite them in your home.

Anyway, as we were figuring out what we paid and what refund (thankfully) we are getting back I had the unoriginal thought that everyone must have when paying taxes. That is, what are we paying for? (For the sake of brevity, I am glossing over the marginalization of gays and other minorities in the country.) In my personal experience, I live in a town where the water is contaminated, there is no public transportation and basic federal services such as reliable mail service are pretty much non-existent. The police will not protect us from hate crimes and the state govt. is pushing for another anti-marriage amendment on top of the existing DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

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