Men are from California, Women are from New York: Gender Roles in Dating

Kajuana writes Men are from California, Women are from New York :
Californians have a reputation of being rather laid back in their life approach. On the flip-side, New Yorkers have a reputation of being overly aggressive. Women are allegedly the adult representations of sugar and spice and everything nice. Men are the adult representation of snails and puppy dog tails. I think that's the way those sayings go.

In relationships today, all that "sugar and spice and everything nice" crap seems to have been flung over broads' shoulders, out the nearest window, flushed down the drain. Women seem to be all about taking an aggressive stance. "Getting their man" so to speak. Men on the other hand seem more laid back. Men are taking the role of the court-ed while women are stepping up and willingly taking on the role of the court-er. Society is changing. Gender roles are changing. Stars are re-aligning with newly discovered moons.

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