Who is Eric Rudolph?

Ann Davidow comments on Eric Rudolph
At the outermost fringes, the recently sentenced Eric Rudolph spoke proudly of bombs he planted at an abortion clinic, a gay club and a park during the Olympics in Atlanta - - his point? “defense of the unborn.” Rudolph is of course the most extreme of extremists, but too often our political leaders have not been a calming influence; it would be reassuring if people like DeLay and the president spoke more often in kinder, gentler terms and encouraged the faithful to behave in more principled ways.

SistersTalk says
A right wing extremist they call him. Not a terrorist. If Rudolph's last name was Muhammad or he was a practicing Muslim, he'd be called a terrorist. Ain't that right? If Rudolph was a Black man, La Shawn Barber would have called him a "thug" -- the term she always uses to describe Black criminals -- when she spoke of him in her post today. But, since Rudolph is a white man, he's called an extremist. It's not too harsh, but it packs enough punch to make a statement of disapproval.

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