DeLay, Poland, The Filibuster, Tax Dollars, and Wal-Mart Pharmacists

I briefly scoured Technorati to see how many women were linking to the Blogs by Women blog and what they were talking about. Here's a quick snapshot of what I found.

  • Thoughts of an Average Woman writes on DeLay
    DeLay is now urging the GOP to blame democrats for his lack of ethics.

    [. . . ]

    His private remarks to Senate Republicans were in keeping with the response frequently offered on his behalf by House Republicans: Blame the Democrats and occasionally the news media for the scrutiny he faces. House Republicans intend to follow the script later in the week, hoping to showcase passage of bankruptcy legislation and estate tax repeal as a counterpoint to Democratic charges that they are merely power-hungry.
    This is abuse of power, by the GOP, should they keep to the "script.". Plain and simple. People need to start calling these people out and making them take responsibility for the scandals as well as the lying and covering up afterwards

    and she writes on Poland
    Remember Poland? Bush made quite a show during the 2004 presidential debates about Poland's small force as part of the Coalition of the Willing. Well, Poland isn't willing anymore.

  • Cupie Spew writes on the filibuster:
    I could go on and on and on..
    .. and on and on, but then I would be filibustering all over the place, but then again, it is my right to go on and on and on.....

    and she writes on a new Survivor series

    Ward, It's your turn to wipe the Beaver's ass, I'll be at the Spa for six weeks, so don't forget to pick up Wally at the YMCA--Kisses!

  • Dykes to Watch Out For recently created a drawing for an eBay breast cancer auction. It's just too damn funny. Oh, don't forget to read my interview with Alison if you haven't already.

  • Left Curve is writing on where your tax dollars are going:

    Since the invasion of Iraq, the US government has allocated $19 billion for reconstruction and related projects in Iraq, although much of it has yet to be spent. This figure is more than the combined annual budgets for the National Cancer Institute, Amtrak, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Federal Air Marshals, operation of the National Park Service, Homeless Assistance Grants, the Superfund Hazardous Substance Cleanup, Home-Delivered Meals to the Elderly and youth employment and training programs."
    and she writes on Wal-Mart pharmacists who are refusing to disperse birth control pills.

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