Early Evening Roundup

What women are talking about in the blogosphere right now:

The Anchoress comments on Ann Coulter's picture on the cover of Time Magazine.

Sidenote: Daily Kos (I know he's not a female) has an excellent story about Ann's photos -- provided by Ann herself.

iddybudd is discussing the possibility of a John Edwards 2008 bid. She also has a rather lengthy piece on the National Republican Senatorial Committee continued use of Democrats' past statements to divide the Democratic party.

The-Goddess points us to a Salon piece on a group of Vermonters who insist on seceding from the United States.

Althouse talks about the filibuster and how she feels it's being used to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

Sidenote: didn't the same government recently work to write discrimination into the constitution based on sexual orientation -- using religion as its fundamental reason for doing so?

Amanda at Pandagon comments on the filibuster and says the religious right feels they are oppressed when they don't have the right to oppress others.

And Rightwingsparkle is adding to the filibuster discussion -- commenting on what she sees is religious discrimination.

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