Said She

And the award for "most insistant marriage proposal" goes to...

chazer @ 1:23:35 :: hi silva how are you [they start off so normal…]
me: @ 1:23:42 :: not bad, and yourself?
chazer @ 1:24:37 :: Ithink you are very beatiful today lovely
me: @ 1:24:52 :: thanks
chazer @ 1:25:32 :: what is your job lovely? [small talk…]
me: @ 1:26:16 :: I don't have one.
chazer @ 1:27:24 :: how is the weather is hot ?
me: @ 1:27:30 :: yes, very
chazer @ 1:28:12 :: are you single* [ah, right to the point of matters!]
me: @ 1:28:28 :: Nope, married. Says so right in my profile. why do you ask?
chazer @ 1:30:30 :: because Ivery like to you before
chazer @ 1:31:45 :: what do you think?
me: @ 1:32:00 :: What do I think about what?
chazer @ 1:33:15 :: so do you like to me ? you are eyes very beatiful
me: @ 1:33:28 :: I hardly know you. You're friendly.
chazer @ 1:34:54 :: but Iwant to be you are boy friend [sounds suspiciously like a guy in 4th grade who asked me out this way]
me: @ 1:35:08 :: That's not going to happen
chazer @ 1:36:33 :: do you want to be my darling
me: @ 1:36:39 :: No
chazer @ 1:36:54 :: why
chazer @ 1:37:02 :: Ilove you
me: @ 1:37:04 :: Because I'm married. [I thought we'd established this?]

As someone who also chats, I thought this was quite funny. It's very amusing what might happen the moment someone decides to IM/pc/whatever you. You just never know what angle they will open up with. And this blogger takes great pleasure in sharing her thoughts regarding her conversations with her readers.

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And everyone gives everything and every part everybody sings (here we go!)

I really sincerely enjoy cheesy Europop, I have to say. It's a weakness of mine, the same as historical romance novels and plastic cheese. Anyway. This is my last night in Moscow, which means that, since it is after midnight here, I have to go back to the dorm soon to pack and alert the dezhurnaya (floor attendant) that we are leaving tomorrow, so that she can come and "inventory", ie ascertain that I have not stolen the absurdly small towel or the rather unlaundered sheets. Mmm. Then tomorrow get up early to attempt to navigate 3 suitcases (with Anton's help) through the Moscow metro with one transfer, to a marshrutka (small minibus) to the airport, then through three security checks to the flight. Mmm. Then, upon arrival in Germany, we will apparently be met by Anton's friend Ion who will deposit me at the Frankfurt train station so I can catch the express to Berlin to check into the hotel with my parents. All in all, it is going to be a painful day, involving lots of luggage maneuvering, bureaucracy, and public transit. Mmm.

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Getting in Touch With Your Body

Fragile Musings

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Tired of Men

I Can't Joke My Way Out of Everything!

It's probably already obvious to anyone that reads this and who has been around when things have gone tits up, but today I really realised that I have a habit of wisecracking when bad things happen. It's my way of braving my way through the world.

Just before I finished work the boss brought us all in. After a few wisecracks from all of us about whether we were in trouble, with a tremble he annouced that he is leaving us. My first thought was 'Is this his idea of some weird f*cked up joke?', my second thought was 'Bastard' and my third thought was 'Jaysus, I'm gutted!'. Everyone's facial expression was set to stun and the next few minutes were some of the most uncomfortable I've experienced. So I took the piss for a bit.

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Home Detention Lady

The grass is always greener....

Is it wrong of me to be wishing for fall? I want turtlenecks, pumpkin scented candles, and scarves. I love me some summer and all, but when you live in the HOOD, and cockroaches sneak into your windows because your slumlord has yet to install screens, and those windows HAVE to be open so you don't suffocate, is it WRONG to lust for 58 degree evenings? I think not. Summer is fly fly fly, SHO, but I'm sick of sweating. I'm also anxious to see how crack gets sold when there are five foot drifts outside. C'mon Halloween - I'm ready for ya.

Thought I would post something a little different today.

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Culture of Life Breaking News


The neocons and the Israelis want us to go to war with Iran. The Texas oil overlords want us to invade Iran and steal all the oil..for them so they can resell it to us at the highest possible price. The madman running America wants to invade Iran, too. Since going AWOL during the Vietnam war, he dreamed of sending others into battle to die.

And yes, you must click over to read the rest ...

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Past is Prologue


What American, if our country were bombed and invaded, our families shot, burned, maimed, and raped, our environment destroyed and our wealth stolen, would not feel the same anger Iraqis feel? Americans in particular, so geographically and culturally isolated from most of the world, (so much that we demand conformity from our very melting-pot citizens,) seem to have an inability to face our common humanity with others who look, seem, so different from ourselves. It is a fearful effect, and Iraqi anger falls on deaf ears here.

"Even if you are an American with a weak stomach, it would be cowardly to avoid looking at what you voted for. If you can't bear to look, skip the pictures and read the text, and remember that if you cannot bear to even look at the suffering, how dare you insist anyone else bear the reality of it." -

The argument that the act of talking about the reality of war, of showing pictures of the violence of war, or of speaking out against war, hurts our soldiers is... well, panicky. It is irrational. Soldiers in combat see war every day, they need no education on pain and violence. They are already experts, whether they like it or not. And those soldiers will bring their pain home with them. So why is it that those who argue this would not allow non-soldiers to see it? Why create this buffer of ignorance? Why pretend that what is happening is not? The American public (oh yes what delicate sensibilities the American public has) shrinks from confronting the truth about war, and we allow our government; allow the television, to lie to us every day and every night, year after year. In Iraq human bodies are burned, shot, blown to pieces, while at home we play pretend-soldier in fancy Hummers, ribbon magnets on display, and make up mythologies about ourselves.

Why do we do this?

Click over to keep reading more ...

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Sisters Talk

You're Ruining My Chances to Get to Hell

I often receive very humorous emails from some not-so-smart individuals that just send me into hysterics. Many times, my responses end up posted on some jaded bitch's blog because she needed something to fill her empty spots (like this one time I told a blogger she needed to read up on what rights she really had under the First Amendment because commenting rights at SistersTalk were not included). Anyway, I received yet another funny-as-hell email that I just have to share. Chris writes:

Go on and click over to read the email and response. And yes, I look forward to the party myself.

And why did I choose our hostess for today's post? Well why not?? Who else is more deserving to be recognized than the person who helped put this all together??

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preemptive karma

Loving your country means never having to say you're sorry

My grandfather was a decorated World War II veteran. He died when I was a girl. Every once in a while at family get togethers we've seen his medals and the flag that was draped over his coffin at his funeral. I've always been fascinated by those medals because they tell part of the story of my grandfather's life. His bravery, his fortitude and his sacrifice are marked in time by those decorations.

I remember reading some time ago about how toward the end of World War II, German soldiers deliberately surrendered to American troops instead of troops from other nations because Americans had a reputation for humane treatment of POWs. This is something I've considered as a matter of great pride for the US military and for Americans in general. We're not like other countries. We're better because we respect the rule and intent of law. We're the good guys.

Not so much anymore, it seems. There are many in our country who condone the inhumane treatment of US detainees. Or they turn a blind eye to it.

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Redneck Mother

Top ten threats to the sanctity of my marriage

Not that my marriage is particularly fragile. Anyone who can stay married to me for a dozen years is either serious about it or too demoralized to run away.

But if my marriage were threatened, perhaps it would be by:

1. ennui

2. kids who stay up past their bedtimes

3. flatulence

4. Rick Perry, who told gay Texan veterans that if they don't like the state's anti-gay measures, they can live somewhere else. Now who's gonna defend my marriage if shit goes down?

5. Every politician who had anything to do with Terri Schiavo's case, because they meddled in a private, spousal decision-making situation.

Keep reading for the rest.

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one sweet nothing


It's funny how the things from our childhood are permanently emblazoned on our brains. Marketers, of course, know this best. That's why they donate math books to schools that use M&Ms as counting props and give away and sell products to children in their schools; they know that brand loyalty is most assured if it's started young. We saw a preview for 'Herbie' yesterday, and I remembered aloud my fascination with Herbie as a kid. My mom pointed out that the marketers know how old I am and that our generation of Herbie-lovers will have a hard time saying 'no' to the movie.

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A Woman of Many Parts

Sleep little one....

Sleep the sleep of the innocent and the just. Your eyelashes rest against your plump cheek, and your mouth, in rest, slips out of its normal smile into gentle lines. What hills are you climbing in your dreams? I hope you are rolling down endless slopes, feeling the grass, no prickles there, flutter against your face. How many treetops have you kissed as you survey the view from the highest branches, the bark rough against your fingers and the leaves whispering their own tune in your ears?

How many animals' fur have you twisted wet with your tears, and brushed with your whispers? Heard the warm hum of purring in your ears and the murmur of unconditional love in your ears? How many wonderful adventures have you had?

Sleep little one, sleep and dream...

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An anniversary note

Having just reached the 10th weekly "femmes fatales" post, I thought I'd briefly reflect on the project.

Several posters have questioned the project of singling out women bloggers. On that I'm utterly unapologetic. Every new article I read about bloggers that mentions only men, (and perhaps adds a patronising note about "mommy bloggers"), not to mention the endless "where are all the women bloggers?" questions, make me think it is a good idea.

I set out aiming not to mention anyone more than once in the first ten collections, so I have now collected 100 women bloggers. Anyone who finds themself asking THE question could browse down the list below, and they'll find women blogging on politics, science, history, philosophy, as well as more personal topics (not of course that those can't also be emininently political).

Please be sure to hop over for her list of women bloggers!

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You forgot Poland!

When Congress Attacks ... the Internet

That fucko Santorum's (R-PA) at it again. He introduced a bill - HR 2726 - that opens the door to more and more influence from the private sector on what media we - as supposedly "free" Americans - get access to to read, form ideas --- you know...that whole "marketplace of ideas" thing.

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I can finally spill the news!!

Kara discovered my illustration work through her brother Mike, who hired me to do the wall paintings for Connor's nursery, and contacted me a few months back to do a Custom Illustration & website for their big news.

Apparently after a lot of "So when are you two getting married?"'s, they decided just to go for it! And instead of the big hoopla of a wedding, they're taking an incredible two week trip through Italy. Part of which is a Backroads bike trip through Tuscany (hence the bikes :)! So fun!!

She does really good work! I'll have to keep her in mind for my next big project!!

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Celtic Cross

Will I Ever?

Will I ever see you smile at me
Put my arms around you
And feel you hold me?

Would I be welcome there?

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A Fishing Story

You have to read about the dead guy.

Kate's Ramblings and Wanderings

The Age Of Innocence

I just reread The Age Of Innocence by Edith Wharton. This is one of my favorite novels. If you're interested in the Victorian era, this novel is essential. Wharton's social critique of the Gilded Age of New York high society sheds new light on the puritanical mores and social codes of American Victorians, and how they were enforced with a chilling and exquisite politeness.

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Tibet Gala and Exhibit

Interestingly, talking with some of the protesters, they expressed an eagerness to see the exhibit during its run - because really they wouldn't have an opportunity to view the objects otherwise. They were mostly my age (30 or younger), so many were born here or left Tibet at an early age.

The protest was more to shed light on the current issues in Tibet and create dialogue about the curatorial choices made in relation to the exhibit. It will be interesting to see how many Tibetans will be curious enough to cross the protest lines to see their cultural artifacts.

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Women Sex Bloggers

There were several sex blogs added to the directory in the past 24 hours and I wondered, "we do love sex, don't we?" I, of course, had to go look around.

I never knew vibrators were available at Sears. She's kidding me, right? Porn-Opine says Everybody Loves Lesbians. Do they now? I didn't get that memo. The Wench's Brothel has an interesting poll about orgasms on roller coasters. I didn't answer the poll. I swear. Sleeping with the Misys needs to be hosed down with ice cold water. And check out A Nightcap with Jyl. Her adventures are a nice read also.

Please, don't be shy. If you write a sex blog, add yours to the directory.

Note: I do from time to time refuse to add blogs to the directory. It's rare, but it happens.

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And the journey begins ...

Masala Adventures

"Masala Adventures" is about my interracial relationship and the experiences it brings my way. My Indian boyfriend "Sunny" has introduced me to a new and different world. It's 180 degrees from my American, mid-west, white bread upbringing. This blog will also chronicle some of the observations, challenges, joys, and emotions that come with dating someone from a different culture.

A gal I work with is on her first trip to India with her boyfriend to visit his parents. She plans on blogging about her three week experience, so please do drop on by and share in her adventure into this new world.

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Cooking with Amy

Roasted Baby Artichokes : Recipe

Eating an artichoke is like opening a present--getting to the heart is almost as much fun as "unwrapping" it. Like any good gift an artichoke takes some effort to get right. If it's a large artichoke it needs a fair amount of trimming, especially the spiky tips and outer leaves. Once cooked, you have to go through that unique teeth-and-leaf-scraping exercise to get at them. If you want to get to the real present, the prized heart, your chore continue as you have to trim away the fuzzy choke first.

Mmmmmmmm I love artichokes!!

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Have You Read Some Black Women Bloggers?

I found some Black women bloggers I thought were interesting reads. Sheila writes My Invisible Husband, offering Black women brutally honest advice about dating and mating. Tia Williams finally offers Black women some great advice about makeup at Shake Your Beauty. If there's one thing I hate is going to the makeup counter and finding a tiny section of makeup for women of color and absolutely no advice. What's up with that? M tells us of her experiences as a Jamaican living in Japan on her blog M's World. Marilyn Griffith provides regular poetry and scripture at Rhythms of Grace. I saw an interesting entry on a new rape device at Black Looks. The O'EO Cookie is angry at the ignorance that still enshrouds some people. Join the club. You'll be thoroughly entertained by these Ramblings of a Desperate Housewife. I was! If you just want to read a blog about life and all its tribulations (sometimes Jerry Springer like), take a look at Serenity23.

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wAitiNG foR doROthY

signs of the times

here's how you know your president sucks donkey balls: by analysing what news reports report as all-time low approval ratings for the president in comparison to those from israel regarding the removal of jewish settlers from the occupied territories.

a larger percentage of israelis support removal of jewish settlements from occupied palestine (which is currently moving forward again) than the percentage of american citizens who currently support bush.

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Health, Beauty (?) & Weight Loss Blogs

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Naomi decided to run a marathon and raise money to cure cancer.

Practical Plastic Surgery is much more than I ever wanted to know.

Reneesgetfit blog is a detailed account of her weight loss journey. Calorie counters, diet tips, workout tips. I was tired when I finished reading.

Skinny Kat. Health and fitness. Bitching and moaning.

Francesca's Liberal Wingnut Corner

Patriotism gone too far

I just got this abomination of marketing in my email inbox.

What the hell is happening to America?

I love my dogs, but I don't think I've ever seen such an asinine display of "patriotism." "Apple pie-scented remoisturizer"? I don't even know what "remoisturizer" is -- and I'm a girl.

Maybe for Italian independence day, I'll be able to have my dogs smell like cannoli.

Be sure to hope over there and take a look at the picture!

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Fiat Lux

Foster Update

Pansy and Marcy have hit their weight requirement and are now old enough to be spayed & put up for adoption. We'll be returning them to the SPCA tomorrow morning. With any luck, by this time next week they'll both be in good, loving, forever homes and being petted, played with, and cuddled by their new families.

It's been fun having them around and I'm sad to see them go. Not so sad that I want to keep them, but still sad.

The good news is that we'll probably pick up some more kittens to foster after we drop Marcy and Pansy off - possibly even a mommy-cat and her litter. I'll update when I know more.

Sometimes the seriousness of life gets me down, and I want to just think of cats.

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down the avenue

Blogging Tech Fashion Trend Now Mainstream?

While they don't source the study, they refer to a "recent one" that suggests that 32 million Americans now read blogs and "many thousands" write them. Hmmmm, a little vague.

Ask a taxi driver (I keep doing that) or the guy behind the jewelery counter at Macys what a blog is and fat chance that they know. To suggest that blogs have hit mainstream, the article is remarkably Blogs 101, i.e., describing what they are, how they gained their popularity (campaign and beyond) and so on.

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Women issues ...

Women Kossacks

Women's caucuses in the Democratic Party did not happen because a bunch of women got together and said, "Hey, let's have a social club" or "Hey, we're all women, let's get together as a group and join the Democratic Party." The women were already in the party and then one day realized the people running the party weren't quite prepared to listen to their views, so they decided to get together to confer.

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Becks & Posh

Can The English Make 'Champagne' ?

Regular readers know that I am often fighting my own little self-made war to try and convince the rest of the world that English food isn't all bad. Despite recent news that the French are invading England in an attempt to buy up all the British vineyards, my own recent, but less than exhaustive research has revealed that although the Champagne region doesn't have to worry too much about the competition from Blighty just yet, it might have a little trouble from somewhere else.

Please continue reading the post. This site is is definitely for the hungry and thirsty. And if you aren't, you soon will be.

And I'm choosing this post as a celebration of not only my own birthday, but of her's as well, so please stop by and wish her a happy birthday.

And one last note, not only does this terrific female blogger have this site to call her own, but she has another as well, --- Sam Francisco.

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The Lesbian Lifestyle

So Much More than Pride.

It is June, the season of the great queer holiday known as Pride, but I am one lesbian who doesn't get the concept. Pride? Just for being queer? I stare confusedly at anyone who broaches the subject with me. Sometimes, I engage in conversation, even debate, with anyone who sings the virtues and praises of Pride to me. I don't begrudge anyone their festivities, but it always comes down to one fine point for me: I have a hard time with Pride because there is so more for me to be proud of than just my queerness.

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Econ anyone?

Women Do Economics, Do They Do Economics Blogs?

It's great to read about a brilliant woman making her way in economics. I've been looking for more blogs written by female academic economists or by female armchair economists like myself. I sometimes read Jane Galt's Asymmetric Information. Jane (Megan McArdle) is of the armchair variant--she has an M.B.A. Virginia Postrel at Dynamist takes a economic-like approach to some of her work such as The Substance of Style.

So what's the deal? Why aren't more women blogging about economics? Or are they, and I just haven't hit upon the network of blogs yet?

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My Boyfriend is a Twat

How to be a proper lady

At first sight of a mouse I will freeze, for up to half an hour, and stare, and go a bit numb. OR I will scream my head off, and swear a lot. The first is probably lady-y. The second is probably not. I will then cry, loudly, for a matter of hours. I will go through a period of blame, and then veer into the desire for quick and violent retribution. None of these - particularly after the crying, are very pretty states to be in.

Out of all her posts, why did I pick this one? Simple. I am having ant issues right now. I don't like ants. I am terrified of ants. And I want someone to come over and save me. NOW!

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Perhaps something for the coming weekend ...

Carolyn Tillie

As a freelance writer, Carolyn regularly contributes to the internationally renown Gault Milleau-owned She also writes for the Napa Register, Hugh Johnson's World of Fine Wines magazine, and is a regular correspondent to the wine-devoted Gang of Pour. In an attempt to taste and review at every winery in California, she is running a daily blog, The Ultimate California Wine Blog and is also blogging the growth of a vineyard on her Ultimate California Vine Blog. She works at wineries in both Napa and Sonoma and in her copious amount of free time, she is writing a book on The Eating Habits of the Victorian Gentry.

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A bit of humor ...

"Strip Search"

You can imagine what I THOUGHT this TV show was going to be about, lol, but the premise for this VH1 program turns out to be, "Men compete for a contract with a traveling male strip revue troupe." That sounded promising (hey, I'm married, not DEAD), so I watched it... and ran head-on into human nature.

Everyone knows what male strippers look like; tall, tan (or non-white), muscular, handsome. Everyone also knows what strippers need to be able to do to allow them to BE strippers rather than, say, models; dance and exude sexual energy. Why, then, were the applicants for this competition primarily homely, flabby, pasty, sporting guts and love handles, unable to dance, and with no clue whatsoever as to what to do with their bodies to project a sexual vibe? What went through these men's heads that made them think that, although they possessed NONE of the qualifications to be male strippers, they still had a shot? Are they CRAZY?

How did I miss seeing this show?? (yes, I realize it's due to the fact that it wasn't shown on the Sci Fi channel)

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Hamburg, Sex, and Myers Brigg

She took a trip to Hamburg Germany and shares great pictures.

Rated X. I was there for awhile.

Ever wanted to know about Myers Briggs?