Women Writing on Pope John Paul II

The Anchoress has a very detailed tribute to Pope John Paul II:
I hope no one finds it ghoulish - I am not meaning to be. I feel grief for all of us, for our world, to lose this great man - but I also feel Joy that he is finally about to take his rest. And he will be in heaven, available to us in the Communion of Saints, and this is a very good thing! Yesterday, we saw George Felos almost get pornographic about Terri Schiavo's "beautiful" death. I believe her death was anything but beautiful. But I do believe that JPII's death is beautiful. He is ready to go, close to his people who are gathering and praying outside his window. Perhaps he can hear their prayers and songs...

Maria in Brussels writes:
I was also in the choir that sang for the Pope when I was 10

I remember doing a project at school about the Pope's life and how much of a proactive person he was... in sports, friendship, the church....

I remember waiting anxiously to hear Happy New Year in my own Maltese languages and other hundreds of languages...

I remember the Pope constantly fighting for peace....

I remember pictures of my late uncle who was a priest shaking hands with the Pope at the Vatican..

I remember him joking with youngsters in Malta, telling us that he will convince the schools to have another holiday in the year

Betty's Banter says political leaders should take a hint from Pope John Paul.

Sr. Lorraine's Convent Clatch says:
it occurred to me that it would be really appropriate if he died on Sunday because it's the Divine Mercy Feast. Pope John Paul was instrumental in establishing that feast.

Update 2:23 pm: Pope John Paul II has died. 1920 - 2005

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