Black People, Don't Name Your Child That

Safire has a very, very interesting post on "unique" names given to Black chidren:
Just a gloss of their findings: unmarried, low income, undereducated teenage black mothers are the most likely to give their children what the researchers label "distinctly" black names (Unique and its variants - Uneek, Uneque, and Uneqqee - serve as their example of such a name); resumes with "white" names glean more interviews than those with "distinctly" black names; but the fact that children with "distinctly" black names fare worse in life (and the data supports this) has more to do with their socio-economic status than their names. This may seem obvious, may even make those of you out there who have named your baby Nautica, LaDante, or some ghetto shit like that sigh in relief. Don't exhale just yet, though, 'cause you know I'm about to light into you. I gotta do it.

The rest of the entry is engaging, sometimes funny, and sometimes too damn sad to look at.

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