An Earlham Student Discusses Kristol's Pie

I'm a bit surprised there's been no notice of this student's post on the William Kristol pie incident at Earlham. I'm sure it's because she's no hot shot political blogger and she doesn't "hang" in the same blogger circles as other popular female bloggers. But, that's what Blogs by Women is all about, bringing you as many great finds as possible:

Here's what Joyce had to say:
William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and the US' "neo-conservative price" spoke on campus today. First up was the 3 o'clock with the Politics senior seminar, where we got to ask questions and have a fun discussion about Social Security reform (among others). There were loads of interesting comparisons to the Clinton health care fiasco and certainly a whole lot of things that are going to provide food for thought over the next few months. I got to ask the classic Joyce question: "What should be the response of liberals to the neo-con movement when we agree on so many of the ends, but none of the methods?" Yeah, this is really something that I struggle with and probably the main reason why I've shifted away from American political parties (nuance is not a bad thing, people!). He didn't really give me a great answer, except to say that that position/struggle is a valid one and implying that it might be a much healthier kind of political discussion. Which, come to think of it, makes it a great answer. Hearing that your struggles are probably better as struggles than they would be as resolved political positions is kinda nice.

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