Heterosexual Women Want Manly Men

If you're a heterosexual woman, I guess you'd want a manly man. I guess. Feministing has the scoop:
The Washington Times tells us that the "'metrosexual' look is on the way out." Was it ever really in?

A new survey profiled in the worse-titled article of all time (Hold the quiche: Manly men are back) says that women "want the 'man' back in manly." Cause the 'ly' just wasn't cutting it by itself...

The survey, which was commissioned by Dodge Trucks as part of their "Ultimate Guy" contest, is chock-full of useless information:

61 percent of women surveyed said they would rather see a man's hands rough and working hard than well-manicured.

75 percent of women said their ideal man buys his grooming products at a grocery store or drugstore, not a salon.

41 percent of women said their ideal man spends his time watching sports.

90 percent of women said they prefer low-maintenance, easygoing guys. (Who the hell are the 10 percent who prefer high-maintenance, uptight guys?)

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