Bank of Montreal and Anti-Abortion Connection

Julia said this about the Bank of Montreal:
i am so angry. i read about this yesterday in the globe and mail. this group that gets donations from BMO tells women that they'll get breast cancer if they have abortions. this is not true. so i advise everyone to go in to a bank of montreal near them and cut up their cards. i will be.

When affinity is an affront

Abortion rights soon will be crushed in the United States, and this is the source of the revived aggression of the anti-abortion movement here.

by Heather Mallick
April 2, 2005

I got out the big scissors this week and cut my Bank of Montreal Mosaik (sic) MasterCard in half. This was after visiting the branch to settle any outstanding bills on the card.

"May I ask why you're killing your card?" the teller asked politely, and I explained that the bank had an anti-abortion affinity Mosaik MasterCard, and I wished to express my anger with scissors and, more important, with my money.

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