There are Christians, And Then There are Christians

The Mahablog writes an interesting piece on Christians, fascists, and democracy:
It is clear to me that Adams wasn't saying that Christians are fascists. Nor is he saying that conservative Christians are fascists (unless radical has suddenly become a synonym for conservative, which these days may be the case). He is saying that fascism will come to us in a Christian disguise.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Righties cannot read. And they were definitely AWOL the day God handed out critical thinking skills.

The fact is that the "Christians" Hedges and others write about in the current issue of Harper's are not Christians. Sure, they wave their Bibles around and talk about JEE-zus, but what they are doing is anti-Christian. Instead of submitting themselves to the will of God, as Jesus taught, they have hijacked the trappings of Christianity to further their own agenda.

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