Women on Title IX

There is much said in the blogosphere about the Bush Administration and Title IX. Here's what women bloggers have to say:

Why Undermine Sports for Girls?
My only question to this is....why? Why discriminate against girls? Why try to disallow one of the healthiest developments for girls of the 20th century?
Why Lesbians Hate LeBron James
I am the strongest proponent of Title IX I know (keep in mind it ONLY has to do with educational institutions), I have spent the past ten years either working in women’s sports or researching women’s sports. However, why we would we want to rely on men to support our women’s sports leagues in the first place? Yes, in many historic battles for women's rights, men have served as allies but women were not solely dependent on these men, especially for ten years without gaining anything for either gender in return.

Women's Hoops Blog points their readers to several stories on Title IX.

Sprite Writes says
I was born in the Title IX era. No one ever suggested that girls shouldn’t play sports, so I grew up playing track, volleyball, basketball, and softball. My dad and I played catch in the backyard (and one memorable time in our elementary school playground when I launched a borrowed softball onto the building’s roof). My high school softball team won the state title twice.

I come from a state where our sports stars are women. Rebecca. Nykesha. Jen. Shea. Sveta. Sue. Diana. Ann. In our little corner of the world, these are the one-named wonders.

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