Women Sex Bloggers

There were several sex blogs added to the directory in the past 24 hours and I wondered, "we do love sex, don't we?" I, of course, had to go look around.

I never knew vibrators were available at Sears. She's kidding me, right? Porn-Opine says Everybody Loves Lesbians. Do they now? I didn't get that memo. The Wench's Brothel has an interesting poll about orgasms on roller coasters. I didn't answer the poll. I swear. Sleeping with the Misys needs to be hosed down with ice cold water. And check out A Nightcap with Jyl. Her adventures are a nice read also.

Please, don't be shy. If you write a sex blog, add yours to the directory.

Note: I do from time to time refuse to add blogs to the directory. It's rare, but it happens.

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