Have You Read Some Black Women Bloggers?

I found some Black women bloggers I thought were interesting reads. Sheila writes My Invisible Husband, offering Black women brutally honest advice about dating and mating. Tia Williams finally offers Black women some great advice about makeup at Shake Your Beauty. If there's one thing I hate is going to the makeup counter and finding a tiny section of makeup for women of color and absolutely no advice. What's up with that? M tells us of her experiences as a Jamaican living in Japan on her blog M's World. Marilyn Griffith provides regular poetry and scripture at Rhythms of Grace. I saw an interesting entry on a new rape device at Black Looks. The O'EO Cookie is angry at the ignorance that still enshrouds some people. Join the club. You'll be thoroughly entertained by these Ramblings of a Desperate Housewife. I was! If you just want to read a blog about life and all its tribulations (sometimes Jerry Springer like), take a look at Serenity23.

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