And everyone gives everything and every part everybody sings (here we go!)

I really sincerely enjoy cheesy Europop, I have to say. It's a weakness of mine, the same as historical romance novels and plastic cheese. Anyway. This is my last night in Moscow, which means that, since it is after midnight here, I have to go back to the dorm soon to pack and alert the dezhurnaya (floor attendant) that we are leaving tomorrow, so that she can come and "inventory", ie ascertain that I have not stolen the absurdly small towel or the rather unlaundered sheets. Mmm. Then tomorrow get up early to attempt to navigate 3 suitcases (with Anton's help) through the Moscow metro with one transfer, to a marshrutka (small minibus) to the airport, then through three security checks to the flight. Mmm. Then, upon arrival in Germany, we will apparently be met by Anton's friend Ion who will deposit me at the Frankfurt train station so I can catch the express to Berlin to check into the hotel with my parents. All in all, it is going to be a painful day, involving lots of luggage maneuvering, bureaucracy, and public transit. Mmm.

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