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"Strip Search"

You can imagine what I THOUGHT this TV show was going to be about, lol, but the premise for this VH1 program turns out to be, "Men compete for a contract with a traveling male strip revue troupe." That sounded promising (hey, I'm married, not DEAD), so I watched it... and ran head-on into human nature.

Everyone knows what male strippers look like; tall, tan (or non-white), muscular, handsome. Everyone also knows what strippers need to be able to do to allow them to BE strippers rather than, say, models; dance and exude sexual energy. Why, then, were the applicants for this competition primarily homely, flabby, pasty, sporting guts and love handles, unable to dance, and with no clue whatsoever as to what to do with their bodies to project a sexual vibe? What went through these men's heads that made them think that, although they possessed NONE of the qualifications to be male strippers, they still had a shot? Are they CRAZY?

How did I miss seeing this show?? (yes, I realize it's due to the fact that it wasn't shown on the Sci Fi channel)

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