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Loving your country means never having to say you're sorry

My grandfather was a decorated World War II veteran. He died when I was a girl. Every once in a while at family get togethers we've seen his medals and the flag that was draped over his coffin at his funeral. I've always been fascinated by those medals because they tell part of the story of my grandfather's life. His bravery, his fortitude and his sacrifice are marked in time by those decorations.

I remember reading some time ago about how toward the end of World War II, German soldiers deliberately surrendered to American troops instead of troops from other nations because Americans had a reputation for humane treatment of POWs. This is something I've considered as a matter of great pride for the US military and for Americans in general. We're not like other countries. We're better because we respect the rule and intent of law. We're the good guys.

Not so much anymore, it seems. There are many in our country who condone the inhumane treatment of US detainees. Or they turn a blind eye to it.

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