So How Screwed Are We?

Bring it On:
Let me go back in time a bit and sum up as quickly as I can.

First there was 9/11 - a day of terrible devastation that shook Americans awake to the realization that kind of shit doesn't just happen somewhere else (or if they can't find the remote fast enough, on their TVs). Even those of us who were none to pleased about Dubya waltzing into the White House tended to put aside our differences and rallied together. We held vigils, donated money or time, or blood. And Dubya worked the photo ops, got good and pissed off at those "evil doers" and promised the American public that those responsible would be brought to justice. Osama Bin Laden would be captured, dead or alive. And we believed him because we were good and pissed off too. Military recruiters had people lining up to join the service. Hell, even Pat Tillman joined!

God Bless America!

So we went to Afghanistan, lost some soldiers, killed a bunch of people, and the Bush Administration patted itself on the back. Well done, boys! Pass me a beer! Except for some reason, we decided not to pursue Osama Bin Laden anymore, and instead go after Saddam Hussein, because he had ties to terrorism. Oh, no wait. He has Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yeah, that's the ticket! Scare the shit out of Americans again - he could strike at any moment you know! We're going in there, because goddammit we'll find those WMD's!

Except we didn't.

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