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Post partum depression, me? Ha!

Boy, was I wrong. What eventually happened was something I did not think possible. It felt like a train hit me head on and my body was left to rot on the side of the tracks.

All the while, I was supposed to take care of my baby. While rotting.

So, you could see that I might get a little irked when Tom "I'm - A - Scientologist - That - Jumps - Up - And - Down - On - Oprah's - Couch
- And - Looks - Like - An - Idiot" Cruise
tells us that he knows how to cure PPD.

With vitamins!

Hey, everyone! Did you know that you can cure AIDS by drinking milk? 24 ounces of milk a day is all we need to cure that horrible disease! Orange juice cures Ebola!

Altho I normally stick to bloggers that are more current events/political, as a mom I do enjoy reading about others who have babies and children and such. And if I have messed up this template in any way, someone come slap me please! :)

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