The Liberal Attack on Wal-Mart

Barbara O'Brien
The latest liberal crusade is against the Wal-Mart stores," Sowell writes. Informed of an employee who said he was not making a living wage, Sowell asks, "How is he living, if he is not making a living wage?"

Why, taxpayers are keeping him alive, Mr. Sowell. As Media Matters explains, an unusually high percentage of Wal-Mart employees depend on government programs--food stamps, subsidized housing, Medicaid--than is true of employees of other retail businesses.

Check out Barbara's comments on Paul Krugman's editorial on Wal-Mart:

This rightie blogger criticizes the Paul Krugman column I discussed in the last post . . .

The rightie misses the point. We're not talking about "redistribution" of wealth. In fact, a chunk of my "wealth" is already collected in taxes and used to support Wal-Mart company profits, but never mind that. The whole "trickle down" myth is that if we take tax and regulatory burdens off the backs of business, and businesses become more profitable, that wealth will "trickle down" to everyone else. Well, guess again. Businesses become more profitable, but those earnings aren't trickling down. Instead, workers are told that since times are bad they're supposed to suck it up and not be whiny, while the CEOs "redistribute" more and more wealth to themselves.

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