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This is Peevish . . . I'm Just Saying

And, speaking of terrorizing people, another Pentagon-contractor scandal. This one is worse than Halluburton. These guys aren't just scamming money, they're killing people. (Well, there's a big money scam going on, too.) I read, not long ago (can't remember where) about a company leaving behind a spreadsheet at a meeting that revealed fraud, but I don't remember the contracting company's name being mentioned at the time. Looks like "Custer Battles" is a name to watch.

(While you're over there, read up on San Diego's breaking corruption scandal.)

(And while you're reading up on politics and fraud, the latest story on " Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff." You know... reading all of these breaking investigations, I'm starting to think that our system actually still works.)

And Congress isn't as eager to push accountability up the ladder for Abu Ghraib and other sites of torture as they were a year ago, either. But, as I've said before, if the USofA public isn't screaming for accountability, we can hardly blame those whose careers could suffer if they pushed for it.

I mean, it's good news that the CIA may no longer be allowed to "ghost" detainees at military facilities but everyone who thinks they won't just stick them somewhere else, please hold up your hand.

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