Antisemitism in the UK

Kesher Talk discusses at length what she sees as antisemitism in the UK:

They don't really want to support Israeli and Palestinian academics who work for peace. Just like the leftists who don't want Iraqi democracy to succeed, just like the European and American terrorist groups of the 70s which became more extreme after the US pulled out of Vietnam, these folks romanticize the most polarized and intransigent consituencies, because their self-image as the radical vanguard is much more important to them than the betterment of ordinary people.

ENGAGE demonstrates what true support for continuing dialogue would look like, from the left. I don't agree with many of their assumptions about the history and values of the conflict, but they are not just out for self-aggrandizement and hypocritical posturing. Norm Geras basically approves but disagrees with them on a few substantial issues.

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