Have you ever been intrigued by someone you come across in your daily life and immediately begin to conjure up a fantasy about the kind of life they must lead?

Ivy at Saving Ophelia shares with us her reflections on a woman she observed while getting her nails done - and how her curiosity and intrigue was suddenly brought back to earth by a sudden blast of reality.

So there I continued to sit in my helpless silence, dreaming up a much different story for her, perhaps far more realistic this time around. I watch the clock ticked by, hoping the fan would quickly dry my perfect manicure, so I can leave this stark little rectangular room, leave this beautiful young girl with her scared heart and the bruises behind in the inner Sunset of this romantically gorgeous city that may have betrayed her dreams.
Ivy's post got me thinking: I know I've been guilty of romanticizing images of people that I've encountered in the past. How many people get caught up in the fantasy - to their own detriment? Do people stay in unhappy relationships because they have some fantasy image of how things would be "if something would just change"? Why do people prevent themselves from fully experiencing life because of some notion (romanticized or otherwise tinged) they've already conceived in their minds?

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