A Milestone for Las Fashionistas

One's from California. The other is from New Jersey. Two women, two minds, one love: What's hot.

The girls have reached their 100th post, and they've decided to celebrate by giving their readership a little glimpse into the minds of the women behind the blog. Here's a taste:

Fashionista Cali
Favorite Article of Clothing: A good pair of jeans, a good little black dress. Anything that makes me feel hot.
Favorite Food: I've never met a food I didn't like.

Fashionista Jersey
Favorite Band: I could never pick just one, but my top four in no particular order are Bjork, The Who, Jimmy Eat World and System of a Down. Number five is usually a wildcard for whatever I love at the time. Right now it's Dave Matthews Band.
Favorite Song: "Baba O'Riley" by the Who
Favorite Book: Great Expectations

Want to find out more? Stop by, give it a read, and congratulate them for reaching their 100th post.

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