Black Girls Like Us

I can't do nothing for you man or Don't believe the hype

Does anyone else feel that there are times when there is something inherently unfair about being a girl?

The revelation hit me today as I had a conversation with a co-worker about the lies we are told by EVERYONE about body image. Now mind you, this girl is GORGEOUS. I mean stunning. She has the whole package: long pretty hair (that she didn't buy) beautiful smile, great skin (she is 32 but she looks about 25 maybe... I thought she was fresh out of TSU to tell you the truth.) And yet, she is insecure not about the way that she looks but about how much she weighs. She is a thick chick. But she rocks it like it’s her job. Big Ups for that. She stood in my cube (Lord I hate cube-dwelling) and talked to me for 20 minutes about how she gets grief from everyone about her weight. Her mom, her friends and, most disturbingly to me, brothas have all told here at one time or another that she has such a pretty face. If she would just lose that weight... .

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