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I'm changing my bank

I swear, if I have to stand in that bloody bank for another whole hour just waiting to deposit some cheques, I'm gonna lose it and scream at some old ladies who just stand there, resigned to it all, saying "well, this is how it is".

I have no idea why "my bank" bothered putting in an expensive senha/ticket system... little has changed: only that one doesn't have to stand in a line that snakes round the room any more, just in a kind of cloud of people... and one could theoretically read a book while waiting, as there's an annoying "bing bong" everytime the numbers go up... but one would be so irritated by the "bing bong" that one couldn't possibly concentrate.

I picked this post less for the content and more for the drawing, so please click over and check it out. In fact, check out the blog. All the drawings are very cool!

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