How to get yourself noticed.

Arrive at a Manchester conference centre just that little bit later than everyone else. Collect a freshly brewed black coffee and walk elegantly through the bar to join the others in the sunny garden. Notice the second step, at the door way, but fail to see the one immediately in front of you. Throw the coffee cup up into the air and have its contents rain down on you as you fall flat on your face and smash the saucer on the concrete floor. Remain calm and silent as three men pick you up and allow one of them ( whom you have never met before ) to carry you to a garden seat. Calmly stem the fuss as everyone thinks it would be best to get the first aid box and mop up the blood.

This is an old post, but after the day, week, month, oh hell, year I've had ... this actually made me realize that it's not just me that has bad days!

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