Supernatural Women

What do you think of when you think of the phrase "spirit medium"?

Various writings hint to a somewhat natural affinity of the spirit world to women. For example, in the Daoist religion, it is said that women make much better sorceresses and spirit mediums because they "are more sensitive and vunlerable than men. It's easier for them to empathize with the sufferings of others, so it's especially easy for gods to enter their bodies."

Virge, in this weekend's blog post, talks about her brush with the supernatural during her graveyard shift at a local shelter for a transitional living program.

If you don't believe in this sort of thing, it still makes for an entertaining story. However, you've got to ask yourself: Who was she talking to then, if it wasn't the person she thought it was? What is the "logical" explanation for it? Or is there one?

Can you get to the point in your own personal logic in which you accept that there are just some things that just cannot be explained away by scientific theory?

And are women more "in tune" with the spirit world, more so than men are, if a "spirit world" - as we imagine it - truly exists?

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