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Another reason I'm tired is the whole Cindy Sheehan wonderama (please visit the link and donate what you can). Every morning I wake up and Google has thousands of stories on her and the beauty that is Camp Casey. I know I'm draining myself just crying over the blogposts I've been reading from everyone who's gone down there to help. I'm also expending energy on those wingnut dumbfucks who apparently can only scare up a few hateful anti-protesters for 30 min. Pretty fucking pathetic. They probably had to bribe them with lunch or beer. Losers.

Anyway, every time I hear Mrs. Sheehan speak, I am riveted. She so softspoken, yet totally entrances you. You can hear the anquish in her voice. I'm glad to hear she wasn't at the camp when those wastes of space were chanting, "We don't care". I know that if I were in her shoes and I heard that, ya'll would have seen me get medieval on some fools. Those sacks of flesh aren't even fit to be called people.

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