Can't Keep Quiet

F#cking Moron

I had intended to use this title and post about the f#cking moron that decided to slam on his brakes and turn right across two lanes of traffic to get off the interstate today at an exit he should have just called a miss. This particular f#cking moron nearly caused at least a 3 car crash that I would have been part of.

Before I started to write that post, however, I found this at the Sisters Talk blog.

Santorum feels that contraception is harmful to women and society. In the clip you can watch him as he says

I think it's harmful to women. I think to our society. To have a society that says sex outside of marriage is something that should be encouraged or tolerated, particularly among the young.

I first started using birth control pills when I was in college. Having sex didn't have a damn thing to do with going on the pill for me. I went on the pill because my periods were out of control. I would have a period that could last for anywhere from 3 to 12 days. The time between the beginning of periods could be anywhere between 14 days and 60 days.

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