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Bad News Week

There's certainly been enough bad news this week. But the worst came this morning.

In April, 1990, a young woman, on her way back to University in London, Ontario, Canada, was murdered en route. Her car was sabotaged at a rest stop. The killer(s) followed her until she broke down on the dark highway in the middle of the night. Her car was brand new so when I heard about this murder, I knew immediately it was set up.

The victim was Lynda Shaw, a young woman studying Engineering at a London University. She was on her way back to school after a weekend visit home. She never made it back to school. The killer(s) sexually assualted her, murdered her, then set her body on fire. Despite the fire, police did recover DNA evidence. But because this was 1990, they couldn't get anything from it. Finally, this summer, they ran DNA testing on the evidence and found a match. That's where this news gets even worse, if that's possible to imagine.

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