Women on Condi Rice

HawkMistress goes though a list of comments made by Condi Rice.

The Secret Life of Shoes takes a more humorous approach.

Sundries gives Condi props for being a powerful woman, but thumbs down on her fashion sense.

On the Women's Issues blog the writer says:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday that she is "mildly pro-choice" and "kind of libertarian" on abortion. Rice said abortion should be "as rare a circumstance as possible," although without excessive government intervention. She supports parental notification and the ban on late-term abortions. There is speculation of her running for President in 2008, and she is leaving the door open.

Red Betty Black has a great transcript you have to read.

Lady Lou briefy discusses Condi (and Terri Schiavo).

The Cowardly Lioness has a brief item on Condi but the page is cut off, so I'm not sure what the post is about. What I can read seems interesting though.

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