Dangerous Toys

Pratie Place has an item on Dangerous Toys:

Fisher Price people were Melina's favorites when she was tiny. I remember one rainy afternoon on vacation she set up scores of them on every available shelf and surface out on the porch and played not-particularly-benevolent dictator.

Nowadays you can't buy them, because little kids can choke on them. There are stupid fat ones now (see right), but it's not the same. Oh well, I suppose Sim City is an adequate substitute.

The "dangerous toys" site reminded me of two other dangerous toys I loved.

One from my own childhood is the game "Booby-Trap." Small eatable poisonous choke-inducing wooden pucks are packed into a frame and a spring-loaded bar rams them into a tight space.

Read the rest and view the picures that will make you remember your childhood.

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