I Can Be Gayer Than You

So says tokitikki:

Is a gay sea sponge talking to your kids?

Can a sea sponge even BE gay?

THIS. THIS was on NBC national news. That was the teaser, those two lines.

At the very moment that phrase flashed across my television screen, I was sitting down to a very nice dinner with my grandparents. A very nice dinner of filet and homefries, during which both of the grand'rents were sedately speaking about nonsense that had happened during the day.

When I read those words and saw the cutesy little clip of SpongeBob Squarepants that followed it, I emitted a loud groan and calmly threw my fork across the room. To say I was a bit irritated is like saying the Empire State building is "kind of big". I could barely speak, my mind just slammed to a screeching halt. I need a moment to wrap my brain around this one. It seems I don't watch the news very often, because this is news to me, but it has been kicked around for at least a little while now, as I see from running a google search.

Are you flipping kidding me? Is SpongeBob Squarepants GAY? Is he encouraging your kids to be GAY? Are you some kind of HIGH?

Is that a trick question?

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