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I found part of a statement from Michael Schiavo on Becki Snow's site. He was talking to ABC's Nightline, and commented:
Terry will not be starved to death. Her nutrition and hydration will be taken away. This happens across this country every day.

Death through removing somebody's nutrition is very painless. That has been brought to the courts many of times. Doctors have come in and testified. It is a very painless procedure.

Well, let's see just how painless this process is:

From PBS - The Good War, the diary of a volunteer in a starvation experiment (at least he had the option to volunteer):

My pervasive hunger.
My hunger has taken on new dimensions that I could never have imagined. It seems that my bones, my muscles, my stomach and my mind have united in their yearning for FOOD! How disgusting.

Looking for something fun? Check Suburban Lesbian:

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