14 Year Old Leaves School to Have Abortion

Karin Kydland writes about these troubled times:
The world we live in is in dire need of help. We have an adult woman being starved to death and a fourteen year old illegally checked out of school for an abortion with parental consent for neither. Has anyone thought of charging the father of this now deceased child with statutory rape? Is he old enough to have committed this?

If schools are going to break the rules about just who can sign children out (and 14 year olds are technically children because they're underage) what is going to happen? What if these people had been murderers, rapists, kidnappers, slavers (yes, there is white slavery in existence) or other nefarious types? Would the reaction of the media be the same? I'll bet if it were that situation the very same people who think it's okay that this girl was whisked off for an abortion would be singing a different tune.

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