Why Are Women Conservatives?

My Meandering Thoughts discusses women and conservatism:
I always wonder how women can be conservative? Because we are the first one to be affected, punished, penalized,..., you mention it, whenever a society become conservative. More conservative a society is/was, more liberties of women are/were curtailed. But, after reading part of that Coulter's speech, I think I should stop wondering:

It can be documented that government grows in response to women being given the vote. Women see the government as their husband, as they divorce more, women look to the government to take care of them. The more sexually licentious the society, the more the women look to the government to protect them. Because liberals are women, they're hysterical, they hide in the background, they won't step forward and speak.

I'm wondering how one would KNOW a woman is hysterical if the woman is hiding, won't step forward, and won't speak. Coulter's work has always been full of inconsistencies.

Anyway, go read My Meandering Thoughts.

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