Seeking Blogs by Women Team Members

The Blogs by Women (BbW) project is going well, with 91 blogs listed in the directory since inception on March 8, 2005. We ask that all those listed in the directory add a link to Blogs by Women's main page on their blog. It would really help us continue to grow.

TheNewJane (BbW's sister site)is doing well also, with over 240 members. jane was launched last month as the final result of my graduate school research. Please check it out.

Featuring your blog on the BbW blog:

If you've written something you want mentioned on the BbW blog, please send an email to: blogsbywomen[at]gmail[dot]com or geniastevens[at]gmail[dot]com

Diverse Representation, Call for Team Members:

In order to provide a rather diverse representation here on the BbW blog, I'm seeking team members. If you'd like to become a BbW Team Member and help gather great information for the BbW blog, send an email to either of the addresses above. My politics and lifestyle tend to steer me to certain types of blogs. I will need at least 1 other person who is different from myself who can provide representation from the other side.

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