Banner Women: Old School

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Because this is an advertising network, not all types of content are appropriate for this platform. We are unable to accept sites that have sexual content (or links to sexual content), controversial issues (such as pro-life/pro-choice topics), sexuality content (such as lesbian content or sexual education), anti-men or other potentially offensive topics or any content which may be deemed to be inappropriate for an advertising network. We are not saying these topics have no place online or are less valid as websites, they are just not appropriate for this particular advertising program.

That's definitely an old school approach to targeting women. Women are so diverse and the websites and blogs women produce are extremely diverse. We're not just writing on parenting, gardening, home, and husbands. If you check the blogs in the BbW directory you'll see the representation of diversity in the 35 blogs listed since we launched on March 8, 2005.

On a personal note, I think it's ridiculous to exclude content on sexuality and offensive to exclude those who have lesbian-related content.

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