Standing By Grace

Laura, a blogger in New Orleans, has been using her blog to inform her family and friends on her status in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I chose to highlight this blog entry because in the midst of all of this political fingerpointing and rage and bullshit and incompetence, it's so refreshing to read stories of human kindness and generosity. It's truly in moments of hardship like this when we all need to take a time out and count our blessings.

Here's a few of things Laura is grateful for:

As I mentioned in last night's post, this house we are now living in is FREE until we can go back home - no time limit, and it's phenomenal. It's big enough that I can have a room all to myself, without having to be packed like a sardine with others. E&M have their own room, J&M have theirs, and the kids are all sharing a very large room, which is the only carpeted one (the rest are all either hardwood or Spanish tile), and it's brand new carpet.


The neighbors on the other side invited us to dinner (grilling), all 12 of us, and fed us very well on steak and chicken. They have also graciously made their washer and dryer available to us, with only one has to be done by 8:00pm. And until the refrigerator was offered, they were offering the use of the spare fridge in their basement, again with only the 8:00pm rule. This couple is also housing M's uncle and his friend who are stuck like us...they're from Mandeville.

Check out the rest here. Laura is a very religious person, and it's nice to see how her faith is helping her get through this tough time.

The best of thoughts go out to Laura's family and to all the families that lost loved ones, pets, and property during the hurricane.

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